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Company Colossal is many things. It's epic! It's funny! It's a hybrid tower defense shoot'em'up! it's not finished.

In preparation for imminent war against the Good siblings' militia, a small band of reckless heroes must escort colossal machines to orchestrate the ultimate retaliation. In doing so, they have a lot of fun, get into a lot of trouble, and save worlds.

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Pixelpickle Montage

Select variety of work done over the past few years. Music by Bensound.com

To fund the development of Pixelpickle Games games (and pay the bills), other cool work needs to be created for other brilliant minds. This is a small selection of work that have been produced by Pixelpickle Games for clients over the recent years.

Company Colossal VO squad

Gemma Laurelle, Genevieve Sibayan, G.K Bowes, Kevin Powe.

Great voice over in a video game starts with creating a band of ridiculously good looking people. At least a quartet. Company Colossal is very fortunate to have the voices of these four talented people.

Look. Where do I start? I make games, mostly! I also create animations and do interactive projects to help fund those games I mostly make but let us not delve there. A few years back Lylian: Paranoid Friendship was released.

Currently, a ridiculously overambitious project is taking shape which was initially called 'Burden'. The name lived up to its name way to well and so now renamed to Company Colossal. Which is awesome.

Oh, the name? Well you get this pixelated idea, you see. Stick that idea in a jar so to speak full of brine. Add a little vinegar, salt, and a few supporting ideas and let it pickle over time.

A few years back (2010) Lylian: Paranoid friendship was released. A young, misunderstood girl with an ability to spew forth her imagination into the real world, causing chaos in the minds of others.

Also, check out the comic!

You can still buy Lylian: Paranoid Friendship from GamersGate -

Lylian: Episode one - Soundtrack by ionside

Music for Lylian: episode one (Paranoid Friendship). Composed by Andrew Tuppen.

The Soundtrack for Lylian: Paranoid Friendship has a theme throughout, yet varies in styles to suit the changes in the environment and mood.