Company Colossal

Company Colossal is many things. It's epic! It's funny! It's a hybrid tower defense shoot'em'up! it's not finished.

In preparation for imminent war against the Good siblings' militia, a small band of reckless heroes must escort colossal machines to orchestrate the ultimate retaliation. In doing so, they have a lot of fun, get into a lot of trouble, and save worlds.

Keep your eyes peeled and comfortably lubricated for news to be popping up soon-ish.

Currently at 30 levels varying between tower defense and shoot'em'up, there's even a couple of other genres in there, because... story-line!

With Character designs created by the talented Aaron Alexovich who has worked on things like Invader Zim and Serenity Rose. And the voice over talent, G.K Bowes - Marvel vs Capcom, Minecraft Story Mode - an award for best characters is sure to come, surely.

Feature List

  • A good balance of Shoot’em’up and Tower Defense.
  • 30 individually designed levels.
  • Vast array of enemy types including really really big ones, and really really small ones.
  • Epic story voiced by amazing voice actor veterans.